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Many dog owners have come to realize that using a dog crate can make all the difference in the world both for you and your dog. The proper use of a dog crate can give you more options in structuring your time while giving you peace of mind knowing that your dog is in a safe, contained environment. A dog crate benefits your dog by providing him with structure which is very important for a dog's well-being. Dogs are den dwellers by nature. An animal's den is a safe, private environment that offers protection from the elements and shelters them from being out in the open view. A dog crate will provide your dog with a den in which your dog can relax and feel secure in. We carry a wide selection of different types dog crates to meet your various needs. We carry beautiful wooden dog crates to match your home's décor. If your searching for a portable dog crate you'll want to check out our soft dog crates section. If you don't plan on moving your dog crate around often check out our plastic dog crates, or our wire dog crate selections. Both of these crates are designed to meet your dogs needs and are time tested. If your dog is going to be flying anytime soon, you'll want to browse through our airline approved dog crates and carriers section. For added comfort check out our dog mats and crate pads. We are confidant you will enjoy our great prices and our price matching guarantee on any dog crate. For more information on dog crates and crate traning please visit our dog crate resource page.