Do you love the idea of dog crating, but cringe at the thought of having an unsightly dog crate dominating the décor in your living room or bedroom? Crate training and the use of dog crates is on the rise. Experts recommend them and dog owners everywhere are discovering how practical and useful these versatile pieces of dog equipment can be. Some of the more common uses for dog crates include using them as an aid to house break or potty train your dog since dogs are naturally reluctant to soil their personal space, such as dog pillows and beds and dog crates. Crating also provides you with a place to keep your new dog or puppy safe in between training sessions or during times when the dog would otherwise be on their own.  So, for those who love the idea of crate training, but don’t want a wire or plastic dog crate clashing with your living room or bedroom furnishings and decor, the new furniture style or wooden dog crates which are now available may be exactly what you are looking for. These decorative wooden dog crates double as night stands or end tables and fit right in with most living room or bedroom furniture. By using wooden a dog crate, you get all of the benefits of a dog crate without having to sacrifice the style you love.