Are you looking for ways to crate your dog, but need solutions that looks more like pet furniture rather than just standard pet gear? If so, check out wooden dog crates! These classy looking pieces of pet furniture do a great job of containing your dog, but can also double as end tables, nightstands and more. Many pet gear designers are coming up with new and innovative solutions for classier looking pet gear, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding just the right one that matches existing furniture and décor and suits your budget. Among our favorites are Merry Products’ Cage with Wooden Cover. This crate is a simpler style and it’s more budget friendly. Dynamic Accents is another favorite. Their wooden dog crates are sturdy and decorative, but they also offer a variety of finishes ranging from black, oak, mahogany and, most recently, artisan bronze, Dynamic Accents wooden dog crates are popular because their crates fall more into the pet furniture category and blend to match their existing home décor. They also provide pet gates in the same finishes, so if you are looking to match your pet gate and wooden dog crate, you’re in luck!