As the weather cools down, it’s important to remember to take care of your four-legged friends needs. There are certain essentials that ever dog owner needs to keep on hand to ensure that their dog stays warm, safe and comfortable throughout the winter months. Read on to discover four easy things you can do to keep your dog warm and comfortable during the cooler months.

1.) Winterize his dog crate. Winterizing a dog crate is easy. Whether the crate is indoors or out, you’ll want to take a look at dog crate covers. Dog crate covers are designed to go over the top of the crate and provide a protective barrier against the elements. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you’ll always be able to find just what you need for your space. If your pet lives outdoors and doesn’t come in for the winter, you’ll want to choose a dog crate cover that can stand up to the elements.  Both Midwest and Bowsers crate covers are favorites amongst dog owners because of the brand’s reputation for quality and durability, however, these are only recommended for outdoor use if your dog has some other form of shelter over their crate, such as the garage or patio roof or if the crate is placed a shed or something that will bear the brunt of wet weather.

Outdoor animals require thicker coverings that can help insulate their crate and keep in heat, but these coverings should also block moisture and repel the rain that comes with the changing seasons. If your pet does not have any other shelter besides their crate, you really should purchase or make them a sturdy, wooden dog house. Wood is a natural insulator, so it helps keep your pet warmer in cool weather.

If your dog lives indoors, you can add luxury crate covers to your list of considerations. Luxury crate covers, besides helping to blend your dog crate in with other home furnishings, are designed to create a calm and soothing atmosphere that is relaxing and comfortable. They block out light and noise, giving your dog the dark, quiet place he craves. Create a den for your pup in virtually any room of your home.

2.) Invest in high-quality crate mats. Whether you’re housing your dog indoors or out, older dogs can experience joint pain during the cooler months. Even young animals aren’t exempt from the discomfort that cooler weather can bring, so no matter how old fido is, high-quality crate mats are a must. When choosing a crate mat, take into consideration your dogs needs. Do you need a heated mat, an orthopedic mat or a washable mat? Look online and in pet stores to find the greatest variety of crate mats available.

3.) Let him sleep. Dogs naturally sleep more in the winter. They do this as a way to conserve energy in cold temperatures and as a natural reaction to their Biology. In the winter, less food is available in the wild, causing many animals to limit their activity. Don’t be surprised if your animal is more interested in sleeping than frolicking through the winter landscape with you.

4.) Consider getting him clothes. If you have a small breed dog or a short haired breed, you might want to look into winter sweaters or jackets for your pup. Smaller dogs or shorter haired dogs have a harder time staying warm in the winter than large or long haired breeds do, so give your animal a helping hand by clothing them in a warm and fashionable sweater. Be sure that the clothing you choose doesn’t have any parts that could snag on your dog’s crate, as that could pose a harm if they were to get tangled while you are away from home.

Keeping your dog warm and comfortable in the winter months is easier than you think. With a little bit of preparation and some small modifications to his crate, your dog will have safe and cozy place to sleep all year long.