New dog owners are often confused about what the best way to train their new dog is. Many people swear by crate training, while others deem it cruel and completely unnecessary. The fact is that whether or not crate training is right for you depends a lot on your dog. Some dogs love their crates while others react in a similar way that a claustrophobic human would.

If you decide to go ahead and crate train your dog, you’ll need some initial supplies including a crate of an appropriate size and a crate bed or crate mat. Whether or not a crate bed is necessary depends on the type of crate you use and your dog. In general, dogs will take to crate training a lot easier if you also use a bed or crate mat. It gives the animal a comfortable place to lay, while also designating the space as his bed.

A crate bed is especially helpful for dogs that tend to eliminate in their crates. Adding a simple crate mat will tell your dog that the space is designed for resting. Dogs naturally avoid eliminating where they sleep, so in some cases a bed is a helpful tool in curbing unwanted behavior.

Crate beds are also great for animals that experience anxiety related to the crate. Adding the bed can help make the crate cozier and a more welcoming environment. If the bed alone doesn’t ease the dogs tensions, using a dog crate cover in addition to the bed may help create an atmosphere that makes your pup feel safe and content.

In conclusion, you don’t absolutely have to use a crate bed or crate cover when you crate train your dog, but it will make things easier on both yourself and your animal. Crate beds come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so get one that covers the bottom of the crate, but isn’t so fluffy that it becomes suffocating. With the right tools and a little bit of patience, your dog should be crate trained in no time!