If you have an older dog, you know how important it is to take care of your dog’s joints and muscles. That’s what pet stairs or a dog ramp are such a great option. Dog stairs and ramps help to prevent injuries to your pet because you’re making it safer for your pet to easily get off the bed, couch or other beloved spot. You can use them coupled with dog crates and beds as well to ensure their safety. You can even use dog stairs for swimming pools, decks or docks, and into boats, trucks and other hard to reach places. It reduces the strain on your dog’s muscles by making it easier for them to reach these places. A dog ramp or stairs come in different models, and can be easily folded to make transportation a breeze. Simply use your dog crates to transport your dog wherever you’re going, fold up the pet stairs, pack some food for your dog and you’re good to go. Veterinarians believe you should never allow your dog to jump up or down from difficult to reach places. Dogs that are in great shape can hurt their joints, muscles and bones doing that. Dogs with short legs and longer spines are at an even higher risk. A dog ramp or stairs are particularly beneficial for dogs that are overweight and have experienced a lot of stress. You may not notice it at first, but your dog’s joints and muscles will suffer in the long run if you don’t use dog stairs and allow them to jump from higher objects.