Why does your dog need a dog pillow or their own dog bedding? First of all, a dog who spends too much time sleeping on hard surfaces can develop rough spots and dog callouses on their elbows and joints.  Older dogs and dogs with health conditions like arthritis, hip dyplasia suffer when spending too much time on hard, cooler surfaces or from the stress of getting up off of the ground, or worse yet, having to climb on and off of couches or beds.  Now that you know your pet needs a dog pillow, how do you go about picking the right one? To do that, determine if your dog has a need for a specific attribute. Olders dogs or dogs with special conditions need dog beds with extra support such as a memory foam or ortho dog bed An older dog or dog with special needs needs a bed with good support such as a memory foam dog bed, or an orthopedic dog bed. Smaller dogs do best with dog pillows and beds that provide them with a sense of security, such as a bolster bed, while your average dog will appreciate more generic dog pillows and beds. A dog bed is an investment. A cheaper one may be easier on the pocket book, but may not last as long as one that is higher end or more quality. To make sure you get the right size dog pillows and beds, measure your dog when they are lying in their favorite position. Add five inches to the measurement. Alternatively, measure the dog from the base of their neck to the base of their tail and, again, add on 5 inches. Once you have the right attributes and size, go ahead and pick one out to suit your fancy and your home décor. Happy shopping for dog pillows and beds!