Pet furniture styles tend to follow the same trends as other types of furniture. That being said, one of the most desirable types of pet furniture right now is Amish style pet furniture. Everything from beds to crates to feeding dishes are being styled in this beautiful and simple design.

One of the most sought after pieces of Amish pet furniture are wooden dog crates. Amish wooden dog crates are hand-crafted and designed to blend beautifully into your home. They can be kept in the living room, a bedroom, the den or any other space that your dog will feel comfortable with the added bonus that these wooden structures are lovely enough to leave in plain sight, even when company comes over.

Wooden dog crates have the advantage of being much more durable than traditional wire crates. They can also be stained or painted to match your decor and some styles integrate end tables or other useful functions that are perfect for small spaces. End table dog crates can be custom made to match your existing furniture, which is ideal for people with specific design tastes and custom homes.

Wooden dog crates can be more expensive than their wire counterparts, but the style and durability more than make up for the cost difference. In terms of durability, wooden dog crates are the way to go. They last longer than wire crates and provide a safer environment for your dog.

That's not to say that they are indestructible, however. If you have a pup that is teething or an animal that likes to chew, a chew proof wood dog crates provide the perfect solution. The chew proof variety often use wire grates that protect the fine detail of the crate while still maintaining their good looks.

Many Amish wood dog crates are designed to blend in with your living room or bedroom furniture. End table dog crates combine the function of a dog crate and an end table into one sleek piece of furniture. Most end tables have a large empty space below them which goes to waste, but end table dog crates take advantage of this space to house your dog.  Like end table dog crates, entertainment center dog crates combine two pieces of furniture into one convenient design.

The Amish are known for their beautiful styling and exquisite woodwork, which makes Amish pet furniture a natural choice for combination use pieces. Entertainment center dog crates give you a place to house your TV as well as a place to house your dog. By cleverly disguising the door to your dog crate, you can blend it in with your furniture in a way that will fool even the most observant of guests.

The next time you’re in the market for pet furniture, consider Amish pet furniture as a way to blend style and function. The beautiful, hand-crafted designs tie in seamlessly with your rooms decor, while providing a safe and comfortable place for your dog.chewproof wood dog crates


(above) Chew proof wooden dog crates


Amish wood dog crate entertainment center

Entertainment Center Wooden Dog Crate (above)