Getting a new puppy may seem like a great idea right now, but as you lie awake for the first few nights listening to him bark and whine, you may rethink your decision. Getting a whiny puppy to use his crate can be a frustrating, exhausting experience. You may want nothing more than the ditch the whole crate thing and bring the puppy over to your bed like he or she seems to want to, but if you plan on crate training your dog, you need to stay the course and not give in. Read on to discover how you can get your whiny puppy to quiet down and use his crate.

Show Him Who’s Boss

You need to establish early on who is the boss and the leader of your pack. Your dog needs to understand that you mean business. Don’t coddle him or show too much sympathy when he whines or whimpers about being in his crate. If you don’t feel like you can hold out, have someone help you who has a stronger will. Another way you can teach your dog that you are in charge is by not letting him on to your bed. Your bed is your private sleeping space and your dog should not be allowed on it if you expect him to stay in a crate at night. Don’t give your dog a glimpse of comfort and then cruelly take it away from him. It’s better not to let him on your bed at all.

Create a Safe, Sleeping Environment

Some puppies can’t sleep in their crates because it’s simply not the right environment for them. Help them get used to their sleeping quarters by using a crate cover. Dog crate covers block out light and dampen sounds so that your dog’s crate becomes a cave-like atmosphere. Your dog will feel safe, secure and relaxed in his dark, quiet space. To further create a sleeping environment, line your dogs crate with bedding, blankets or clothing items that smell like you. Your scent will be comforting to him as he adjusts to his new bed and gets settled down for the night.

If your puppy tends to chew when he gets nervous, chewproof wood dog crates or wire crates are the way to go. These types of crates resist the damage caused by dog teeth, providing a safe place for your pup to rest.You’ll not only stop the whining as your dog drifts off to sleep, you’ll also spare your dog crate from being chewed by an anxious puppy.


chew proof wooden dog crate

Wire crates and chew proof wood dog crates are two crate styles that work well for dogs who chew. Even plastic crates can be chewed through with time.

Dog Crate Covers Make Your Crate More Attractive in More Ways Than One

Dog crates covers have more uses than you may realize at first glance. Not only do they calm your dog down by cutting off his or her view of what's going on outside of their crate, they make it darker, warmer and more cozy for your dog. It feels more like a den, which dogs instinctively love. Another reason for adding a dog crate cover to your crate training ensemble is that unattractive crates can drive dog owners crazy. While you’re using a cover to calm your whining puppy down, why not pick up a crate cover that’s attractive to look at as well. Luxury dog crate covers come in a variety of patterns, colors and designs, so you can match the crate cover to your decor. No more looking at ugly dog crates when you use a luxury cover.


luxury crate covers

Crate covers both in open and closed position. These are Bowsers Luxury Crate Covers which can be ordered in a variety of prints, colors and patterns. Matching crate mats complete the look.

Getting your whining puppy to quiet down and use his crate is a matter of patience and having the right tools. Getting rest is essential to both you and your dog, so take the time to find the method that works for you and use it!