One question we are often asked is when it comes to the more stylish furniture style end table dog crates is whether these are recommended for all dogs, or if there are situations where a wooden dog crate would not be recommended? While wooden dog crates are the king of dog crates, there are several reasons why you may want to opt for another style, such as a wire, plastic or soft dog crate. The first being if you need a portable solution. If you need a crate that accommodates an active lifestyle and are looking for a one size fits all solution, you would be better off with a wire or soft dog crate. Another factor in which crate you choose is what temperament and habits your dog exhibits. Does your dog love to chew furniture? Are they destructive and love digging? If the answer is yes, this does not preclude you using wooden dog crates, but you will want to make sure that you get the chew proof variety. Pinnacle Pet Products wooden dog crate Pinnacle Pet Furniture makes a wooden dog crate that is perfect for dogs who tend to be destructive. The frame is wooden, so you still get the end table dog crate look, but the sides and doors have a metal grate, so you also get the security of a wire dog crate with these chew proof wooden dog crates.