Have you noticed how a clean, newly bathed, wet dog wants nothing more than to make a mad dash for the yard to roll around in the dirt and rub their fur in something extra stinky or rotten?  That was one of my dog's favorite post-baths rituals. To avoid this, you may have tried keeping your dog indoors until they were dry, only to discover that your resourceful hound paid you back by instead rubbing his wet dog smell all over your furniture, bed or whatever else he could find didn't yet have that "eau de dog".  The solution that worked best for me in the end was to lock that wet dog up in his dog crate for an hour or two after his bath and let him drip dry in dirt-free environment. However, I recently came across these awesome K-9 Airforce dryers, which act as a powerful blower or fan that can be attached to your dog crate or which can be used on their own, to blow dry your dog in a fraction of the time. Of course, you do need to be careful when using any kind of drying unit to dry your pet.  You will want to make sure the unit doesn’t use heat or have a heating element. Heat is not beneficial to your dog and will dry out their fur and skin setting the stage for skin irritations and hot spots. And while we're in the dog cleaning and grooming mode, go ahead and throw your dog bedding in the wash as well to make sure your clean dog has a nice, clean spot to go to after his bath. Just don't let the dog around his dog pillows and beds until he's thoroughly dry.