Are you enjoying the cooler weather, snuggling up in front of the fire place in your warm bathrobe and cozy slippers? While you’re busy finding ways to stay warm and toasty, be sure you remember to find ways to keep your dog warm and toasty too while he or she is indoors. A great way to ensure they’re comfortable and warm around your home is to provide them with warm dog beds with good padding. You even find several types that include a small heater that provides extra warmth during especially cold weather. Throw in a plush dog throw and your dog will be sleeping like a puppy, or better yet, a happy old dog since puppies aren’t notorious for being exceptional sleepers. If your dog is a puppy or is a short haired breed, you may want to invest in a good bolster dog bed or a nesting dog bed as these provide these dogs with the feeling of being wrapped up and warm, and it protects them from drafts and cold breezes.  If your dog is older or suffers from hip dysplasia or canine arthritis,  consider getting them a heated dog bed or crate pad as these help them maintain a steady body temperature which prevents discomfort. Most importantly, however, be sure they are elevated and off of the cold ground by making sure their dog bed has a good thick orthopedic pad.  Another very important piece of dog bedding you will want to consider is a good dog throw. This gives them protection from the cold air and gives them a warm and cozy spot to curl up in.