You may already know of all the good reasons why you want to make sure your dog has the right dog pillows and beds. However, besides getting the right dog bed, you may also want to check out dog sofa covers, dog blankets or dog throws.  Dog bedding accessories, such as dog sofa covers and dog throws have a two-fold benefit. First of all, no one wants to be constantly fighting the pet hair battle in their home. Finding dog hair on your favorite couch or your own bedding is a problem many pet owners face. After all, washing your comforter is no easy task. When it comes to washing your couch or couch cover, too much washing can cause it to fade or run. A dog sofa cover or dog throw can effectively protect your furniture by catching the hair and any potty accidents. When soiled, it’s easy to throw them in the wash. Second, dogs often need extra warmth.  A person can throw on an extra sweater in cooler weather, but a dog who lives in a cooler climate, or an aging dog with medical conditions, can really suffer if they’re not kept warm.  Dog throws, sofa covers and blankets are an excellent solution to this problem. They can be used anywhere your dog love to hang out, whether it’s the sofa, his dog houses or dog crates. And, best of all, dog bedding accessories, like dog beds, are available in a variety of styles, fabrics and colors enabling you to find just the right one that that compliments your existing home décor.