As much as we may wish otherwise, age changes all of us, including our canine best friends.  As your dog ages, you will start to notice that their needs change too, especially if your dog begins to develop some of the more common dog ailments such as canine arthritis, hip dysplasia or just achy joints and muscles.  In this video on “Choosing Dog Bedding For Your Aging Dog” we give tips and ways that we can keep our pets healthy and comfortable as they grow older. Of course, our primary goal should be to prevent or minimize or avoid these conditions and ailments by making sure our dog stays at a healthy weight through a combination of proper feeding and good exercise. This includes getting your dog on a regular feeding schedule and asking your vet or doing your own research to find the right type of dog food and portions to suit your dog’s age and activity level.  In addition to keeping your dog as healthy and active as possible, finding the right pet supplies, including supportive dog bedding, ortho dog beds or memory foam dog beds, designed for the older dog, is equally important. Supportive dog pillows and beds are a key to your dog getting a good rest by relieving their achy or stiff joints and muscles. You can also ensure your dog’s comfort by making sure their body temperature remains stays at a comfortable level. This is best accomplished by using heating or cooling dog beds or crate mats and keeping these in places where your dog is most likely to rest, lounge or spend a great deal of time, including their dog houses, dog crates and other places around your home.