Need help fighting fleas? If you’re having trouble getting rid of the fleas this year, you’ve got company. The word on the street is that the usual flea treatments such as Frontline Plus, Advantage and other topical flea treatments are not as effective as they used to. Whether it is due to fleas becoming resistant to these flea treatments or it’s just “the year of the flea”, here are some alternative options we have researched to assist you in your fight against fleas.

Indoor flea Control:

--> Vacuum every day and throw out the bag or empty out the dirt immediately into a sealed plastic bag.

--> Sprinkle FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth onto dry carpet. You want it to sink into the carpet a bit so it reaches the fleas. Vacuum thoroughly

--> Spray your dog bedding and areas your dog or cat frequents with an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator). IGR does not kill fleas, but it does prevent their eggs from hatching. Many pet owners mix a flea killer into the spray to kill adult fleas. Spray under beds, furniture, under sofa cushions – anywhere flea eggs could be hiding. Take special care to thoroughly cover the areas near your pet’s bedding or favorite hang outs. If using an IGR spray, be sure to follow directions. It is harmful if absorbed through the skin, so only spray when children and pets are not around and allow the floor to dry thoroughly.

Flea treatment for your pet:

--> Comb your pet daily, rinsing the comb in warm soapy water frequently to drown the fleas.

--> Bathe your dog more frequently. Dawn dish soap is a well known flea killer, however, if your dog has sensitive skin or allergies and you are bathing them more often, you may want to stick with a flea shampoo made with oatmeal or something made for sensitive skin.

--> If Frontline Plus or other traditional flea treatments are not working or you prefer natural flea treatments, there are a a variety of natural products on the market. Keep in mind that not all natural substances or oils are safe for pets. Some can cause skin conditions or severe allergies. Natural flea treatments containing lemongrass, cedarwood, rosemary, peppermint and thyme are generally safer and less toxic for your pet. Products containing citrus, cinnamon, d-limonene, tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus oils, which are harsher, should be used sparingly.

-->FOOD GRADE diotamaceous earth is a natural product which has proven effective against fleas when used properly. Please note that this should be FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth which can typically be found at your local feed store. Diotomaceous earth can be used on your pets, in your home and also outdoors. If using on your pet, rub the earth into their fur, but try to keep them from inhaling it.

Outdoor Flea Control:

--> To control the outdoor flea population, cedar wood chips have proven to help control fleas. You can use these under your outdoor dog beds, dog houses, or around your dog crate.

--> Keep grass short so the yard stays dryer and sunnier.

--> Sprinkle Food Grade diatomaceous earth around the yard to control outdoor flea infestations. It’s non-toxic and works by drying out the fleas. Just be sure to only sprinkle it on dry ground. Even morning dew can render the DE ineffective, so sprinkle it onto dry grass or dirt.