For those who have a dog that loves to chew, you are probably aware of the difficulty of finding fashionable dog gear that will look nice in your home and that will also work for your dog. When it comes to dog crates, the best option for a dog that chews will be a wire dog crate. The trouble with a wire crate is that they don't always look nice in your house. Wire crates are utilitarian and are designed to offer you practical solutions in caring for your pooch.

A wooden dog crate, on the other hand, is a piece of furniture as well as a crate. Designed to be used as a living room end table or a nightstand, a wooden dog crate offers an excellent way to help create a pet friendly home while not losing your home's “look” with an unsightly wire, or plastic crate. The standard wood dog crate end table, however, was not designed with the chewer in mind. Most wood crates feature wooden spindles that can be chewed. Pet owners with dogs who chew, but who still want to maintain their home's interior look, can still get the furniture style crates, however, they should opt for a chew proof wood dog crate. On a chew-proof wood crate, instead of wood spindles, a wire grate is used, similar to that of a wire crate. The crate's outer frame is made of hardwood giving the crate the same “wood” look as other wooden dog crates. The grate attaches to the insides of the wood frame. In the case of the chew proof dog crate from Pinnacle Woodcraft, and other brands, this crate does not feature a crate floor, instead it allows you to customize your crate by choosing either a plastic tray and/or bed (each sold separately) that can be placed at the bottom of the crate. This creates a comfortable floor or bed for your pet. The benefit of not having a wood floor on your crate is that over time, the flooring of a crate can become scratched, causing the floor's moister protection to become compromised. Depending on the material used in the construction of the crate's floor it can become damaged by moisture over time.

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