With summer at its hottest, it’s important to pay extra attention to your pets need to keep them safe. Pets can’t verbalize when they are getting too hot, so it’s up to their owners to watch for signs of heat stroke and overexertion. Read on to discover some great safety tips to keep your pets comfortable and safe all summer long. • Do not leave pets in a parked car. - Even if you think the animal is safe because the windows are rolled down, temperatures in parked cars can easily soar over 100 degrees. Just running inside a store for 10 minutes is enough time to cause serious harm. Many states have laws about leaving pets in parked cars, so do yourself a favor and leave fido at home when you run to the grocery store. • Make sure to leave out plenty of water. - When the temperature rises, pets need additional water to stay cool. Make sure you leave out plenty of water and change it frequently to prevent pests from leaving eggs in it. Mosquitos are fond of standing puddles, so change your dogs water daily (if it lasts that long!). • Supervise your pet even in the back yard. - When the days warm up, it’s tempting to let your dog frolic in the backyard alone while they do their business and enjoy some fresh air. Unfortunately, even the best behaved dogs can get curious and decide to see what’s beyond the boundaries of their yard. For the greatest safety, use a leash, even in the back yard, unless you are able to supervise them. Even in a fenced yard, dogs need supervision as they can dig under fences or wiggle between loose boards. • Don’t let the kids share their ice cream cones. - While it may be handy to have fido on hand to clean up any ice cream spills, certain flavors such as chocolate or chocolate chip can be dangerous to dogs. Chocolate in any quantity is toxic, so make sure the kids keep their cones to themselves. Another summer time favorite - grapes - are also quite bad for dogs. • Watch out for other dogs. - While you may be a responsible pet owner, not everyone is. Watch out for stray animals that may approach your pet and act aggressively towards it. You don’t know whether a dog is friendly or not by looking at it, so play it safe and keep stay dogs away from your pet. Simple summer safety tips can ensure that you and your pet both enjoy the warm summer sun. Common sense and pre-planning can prevent nearly any dangerous situation in the summer, so remember to think about your pet as the temperatures rise.