When it comes to dog crating solutions, there are three basic styles of crates: wire dog crates, plastic dog crates and wooden dog crates. All three types of crates can be used overnight or whenever the dog is left alone for an extended period of time. Crate training your dog is an excellent way to housebreak them and provide them with a safe and secure location during times when you are unavailable. An extra feature you can look for with all three styles are the adjustable crates. This last option is popular with people who obtain their dog as a puppy. Adjustable dog crates usually contain an extra wall that can be adjusted depending on the size of the dog. As the puppy grows, the wall may be moved back to enlarge the size of the crate. Part of the reason the adjustable feature is so important if you are purchasing the larger size for a puppy to grow into is that you really do not want to provide you puppy with too much space. If you do, your potty training efforts may be hampered as the puppy will tend to use the extra space in his crate as a toilet. If cost is the most important consideration, wire crates tend to be less expensive than wooden dog crates and the plastic variety tend to be somewhere in the middle. When using a wire crate, one point to keep in mind is that it's more of an open design. This being the case, to make it feel more enclosed and provide security while crate training young dogs or puppies, a towel or blanket should be placed over the crate during the night hours. This helps darken the crate and tell the dog it is time to sleep. As the puppy gets used to the crate and grows into adulthood, the blanket is used less and less often until it is removed all together. Plastic dog crates have their benefits. Namely, they are the only type allowed when taking a pet along with you by air. They also are easier to travel with than either crates made from wood or wire. If you’re willing to spend a little bit more money on your crate, a wooden dog crate is one of the most attractive options on the market. Wooden dog crates function in a similar way as wire dog crates, but are more like an indoor dog house. Wooden crates are darker and provide a more secure feeling. Some dogs prefer this environment. The main advantage to a wooden crate is that it’s more attractive than either plastic or wire crates. Wooden crates blend better with furniture and can be painted to match virtually any decor. There are many styles of crates on the market to choose from. Your budget and personal preference will help determine which crate you ultimately choose. Dogs of any age may be crate trained and will do equally well in any appropriately sized crate.