The great thing about owning a dog is that you are able to do things together and they won’t really complain about it. They’ll happily accompany you to go play in the park or get some exercise. So take down your pet gates, load up your dog crates, and head outside and start exploring the world around you! The health benefits both you and your dog will see will lead to a much happier life for the both of you. Whether it be simply grabbing the Frisbee or football and heading down to the park for some casual fun or something more advanced like agility sports, your dog will enjoy it. What are agility sports for dogs? Simply put, agility sports is a course of obstacles that both you and your dog run through, with or without a leash. An agility course will consist of mainly jumping, tunneling, weaving in between poles, climbing and hitting obstacles and more. You can even make your own agility course at home! By utilizing pet gates and dog crates, you can turn them into fun obstacles for your dog to get exercise with. Practice jumping over them or even climbing on top. Try using cardboard boxes as tunnels, and PVC pipe to make poles for your dog to play with. Use what you have around you, that is the best approach for getting your dog exercise. Don’t keep your dog cooped up all day in dog crates, let them run wild at least once a day!