Children and dogs belong together, right? While this is true, and some children bond with the new little bundle of fluff  from day one, others may be frightened by dogs and need a little more time to get used to the idea.    Exposing children to a variety of experiences and stimuli at an early age, including positive interactions with dogs and pets, is an important part of their development.  Finding ways to help your child have positive experiences with dogs is not difficult, but may require a little time and effort.  Try and view the situation from your child’s point of view. While that puppy may the cutest thing on earth, maybe he jumps on them or nips and the child feels threatened or powerless to stop them.  Spending a few minutes to teach your children what to do when a dog displays unwanted behavior can help resolve this situation.  For instance, teaching a dog not to nip is as simple as holding his snout closed for 3-5 seconds or until he whines.  To stop a dog from jumping on you or your child, try grabbing their front paws and holding the dog in a standing position for several seconds.  This position is uncomfortable for your dog and will stop this behavior.  Help your child feel in control and a part of caring for their pet through simple activities such as helping you soap up the dog during their bath, or drying and brushing the dog afterwards, etc.  Get your child involved in helping to pick out the dog gear and supplies, such as the dog bedding, dog toys or even the dog house. The more they feel a part of welcoming the new member of your family, the quicker they will lose their fear and begin to experience the many joys of having a dog of their own.