Do you love to travel with your favorite hound in tow and need a dog crating solution that is portable, which can be set up and taken down quickly and easily and be able to hold up to the wear and tear of being on the road.  Soft dog crates are made for just such a purpose. Although they won’t work for air travel, they are a great way to keep your dog secure and contained while in temporary situations such as staying in hotels, camping, or staying with friends and family.  These portable dog crates are built for the road. They are lightweight, durable, are quick and easy to set up and pack away. They often come with a carrying or storage case or pouch and are made with water proof or water resistant canvas.  The idea is to provide your dog with a home away from home. If your dog loves chewing, digging or finding creative ways to get out of his crate, these types of crates are not recommended. Destructive dogs tend to do better in a wire or hard shell plastic crate which are built to withstand these types of behavior.  Soft dog crates can resemble a dog tent, although they come in a variety of styles, shapes and materials. The mesh is extra heavy duty and the durable metal frames give the dog crate stability and form. Some varieties have extra ventilation flaps on the side or on top which can be rolled down whenever you want to give your dog more privacy.