crate training your puppy

It’s 3am and your puppy is whining. He is in his crate and for the last 5 hours he has been making a racket that you’re sure is waking the neighbors. You can’t sleep, he isn’t sleeping and you both have a big day ahead of you tomorrow, so what do you do? Do you let him out or ride out the night? When you’re sleep deprived, it’s easy to make bad decisions. Sometimes, it’s helpful to remember why you don’t want to give in to your puppy’s whining and let him out of his crate before you make what could be the worst decision you’ve ever made.

Puppies Need Supervision

The main point of using a crate is so that you can sleep and know that your puppy is contained and safe. Likewise, your furniture, shoes and carpets will also be safe. An unsupervised puppy is a dangerous puppy. When you wake up the next morning, you are guaranteed to regret your decision to let the puppy out of the crate as you piece together your shoes before heading to work. It may seem tempting to just lock your puppy in your room with you, but there are things in there that he can get into as well.

Look around your bedroom and you’ll probably see shoes, bedding, pillows, clothing and maybe books or computers. All of these items look like chew toys to a young dog. It’s better to keep him out of temptation’s way than to risk it and see what happens. If your dog has a bad chewing habit, use chew proof wooden dog crates to curb his habit and protect your sanity. There’s nothing worse than being kept up all night by the sound of your puppy chewing on his crate and eventually breaking through.

Potty Training

Another obvious reason you use a crate at night is to housebreak your puppy. Crate training teaches your dog when he can go out and when he needs to control his bladder. Letting him out of the crate in the middle of the night is a signal to eliminate. You can expect that to happen on your carpets, your clothing or anywhere that your new puppy sees fit. Avoid the mess, the smell and the cleanup by staying strong even when the whining becomes nearly unbearable.

If your dog has a tendency to throw temper tantrums in his crate when he needs to go out, you may want to look into indestructible dog beds. Indestructible dog beds are a great defense against puppy tempers and the chaos that they can cause. Whatever you do, don’t give in to your puppy’s whining to get out of his crate.

It may seem like the easy and obvious choice when you’re tired at 3am, but in the long run, it will very likely be a decision you live to regret for years to come. You must train your puppy when he’s young or he will never be properly trained. Stay strong and remind yourself that this time will quickly pass and your dog will soon have a great relationship with his crate.