Getting a new puppy is an exciting experience. While you’re probably stocking up on toys and treats for your family’s new addition, it’s important to also consider the less exciting, but still vitally important parts of puppy ownership. Preparing your house for a new puppy will help ensure the safety of not only the puppy, but every member of your family. To start, you’ll need to get some dog furniture. This includes everything from a dog bed, to feeding dishes, to crates, to dog stairs. You might not need all of the items listed, and that’s okay. Decide ahead of time if you plan to crate train your dog to avoid an emotionally based decision that might not be best for your family. Crate training has a lot of advantages, though it can be emotionally difficult in the beginning. One word of advice on this purchase, start simple. If you’ve got your heart set of one of those beautiful wooden dog crates, you may want to wait till the little pooch finishes teething. There are chew proof wooden dog crates on the market which will hold up to the chewing and scratching, but you may want to wait and stick with the simple wire crate till he or she gets a little older. Pet gates are another important safety device that every puppy owner should have. Pet gates help to confine your dog to a certain part of your home and are an essential tool in potty training and obedience training. If you have young or small children, pet gates can be used to keep the children and the dog separated to ensure the safety of both parties. Once you have the basics taken care of, namely the key dog furniture and the pet gates, you can feel free to stock up on the fun stuff like toys and treats. You’ll enjoy your new puppy more knowing that your house is pet-safe and ready for your new family member.