Got a new puppy? Getting a new puppy is loads of fun, but when it comes to choosing their dog bedding, you may want to put some time and effort into picking out the right dog pillows and beds that hold up to new puppy behaviors such as chewing, digging, and pee accidents while they are being house broken. If you plan on crate training your new puppy, make sure your dog bedding works well inside dog crates. To avoid damaging your new dog bed with too much washing due to a pee accidents, check out dog pillows and beds with a protective pad, or with washable components. These dog beds hold up better to frequent washing.  A dog throw can also be useful as these can be thrown into the washing machine when dirty. The size of your dog may also dictate the type of dog beds they prefer. Although a very young puppy will probably prefer a nesting bed which helps them feel more secure, as they grow, larger breeds often prefer to sleep sprawled out on dog pillows and beds without sides or bolsters. Smaller breeds often prefer enclosed styles of dog beds which make them feel more secure and protect them from drafts. Since chewing is often a problem with puppies, you may want to avoid dog bedding made from softer fabric. Soft dog beds seem to remind a puppy of his favorite stuffie and before you know it, their new dog bed is a bundle of stuffing.  Dog beds made with heavier, thicker canvas-like fabric seem to hold up better. So until your puppy outgrows some of his puppy habits, you may want to stick with the more practical dog bedding options and save the more specialized,  higher end dog beds for later.