Many dog owners choose to crate train their pets from an early age. Buying a dog crate can be an expensive endeavor, but if you’re committed to the training, you will see great results. There are two types of crates on the market to choose from, wire crates and wooden dog crates. Each has their own advantages and the one you choose depends on your unique situation and preferences. Most notable is the cost difference. Wooden dog crates tend to be more expensive than wire ones, so most people opt for the less expensive option. However, the cost is justified as wooden dog crates are considerably more attractive than wire ones, an important consideration if you will keep the crate somewhere visible. Like wire crates, wooden dog crates come in a variety of sizes to fit different breeds of dogs. Some wooden crates include dividers to temporarily make the crate smaller for puppies. The dividers can be moved and removed as the dogs grow and age into adulthood. This flexibility allows you to only ever have to buy a single crate. The same feature is becoming available more and more in wire crates as well.