Wouldn’t you just love to have a stylish pet set up that was indistinguishable from the rest of your home furnishings? While we know our pets need special gear, dog crates, dog beds, pet gates and so on, many a pet owner cringes at the thought of having their pet gear spoiling the look of their existing home décor. That’s why wooden pet furniture is fast becoming all the rage. Dog product manufacturers have done an excellent job at designing and creating a wide range of beautiful wooden furniture, including wooden dog crates that can double as end tables, pet gates, wooden dog beds and housing that looks like a human house reduced to doggie scale. A few of our favorite manufacturers of quality wooden pet furniture are Dynamic Accents and Merry Pet Products. Between them, you have a wide range of products in a variety of finishes to choose from including wooden dog crates, pet gates, beautiful wooden dog houses, wooden dog beds and futon dog beds. Check out their lines of wooden dog crates and other pet furniture. There’s something for everyone, so pull up a chair and enjoy the show!