Pet gates are an essential tool for keeping your pets out of certain areas in your home. Pet safety gates or dog gates usually include a built-in door, so you can easily pass through the gate, but your animal cannot. There are many reasons you may want to restrict your pets access to your house, and a sturdy dog gate is one of the easiest non-permanent solution to a very real problem. The number one reason people use a gate to contain their pets is safety. Safety for the animal or for other members of the family are both great reasons to purchase and install a pet gate. Large dogs can tend to be clumsy or intimidating and pet owners often wish to keep them away from small children. Dog gates can help you prevent the dog from entering the area with the child, while still allowing the dog to visually see the family members. Pet gates are also great for training purposes. If you don’t want to crate train your dog, but you want them to stay in a certain area throughout the night, the use of a safety gate can help you confine your dog without the use of a crate. When used in conjunction with dog furniture, you can create a special place for your dog that they can be kept in throughout the night. There are many reasons you may want to use one of these handy pieces gates for dogs. Pet gates are great non-permanent ways to confine your animals to certain parts of your home for the safety of the pets as well as other members of the family. You can find pet safety gates at most pet supply stores, mass merchandisers, or online.