Although our pets are every bit a part of our families, there may be times when you want to prevent their access to parts of your home where they could get hurt or cause damage when unsupervised. Some dogs love to dash for the front door when they see it open. Others may love playing or scrounging around in the kitchen while you cook, causing potentially dangerous conditions. If you’re looking for a way to keep your favorite pet safely corralled without spoiling your home décor, you’ll be happy to know you can easily create a dog free zone with a variety of classy looking wooden pet gates. Before deciding on the style, its important to measure the area you are trying to close off and know exactly what style you need. For instance, the pressure fitting styles work well if you have two parallel walls and want something with very little set up required. If your dog is stronger and may push over a pet gate, you may want to consider one that is built in that affords more security.  If you need something more portable, a free standing pet gate can be moved around easily and used in different parts of your home. Some styles, such as the Gate and Crate can even be positioned against a wall to make a three sided wood dog crate in a pinch.  The next step is to decide what kind of opening device you prefer, whether its the accordian style, the sliding type, the swinging door, and so on.  Whatever you settle on, the main purpose is to find a pet gate that protects your dog when you need it to.