If you’re looking for a new dog bed, you may have seen several different types of orthopedic dog beds on the market. Each type of bed provides a unique benefit to the user, and choosing the right bed for your dog is an important step in ensuring their comfort and happiness. The main difference between the various dog beds available is the price. There is a huge range of prices of pet beds available, and because they all look similar it may be tempting to simply buy the cheapest one. This is a mistake. The range in prices reflects the inner material that the dog beds are made of. The cheapest orthopedic dog beds on the market are likely made of a foam “egg crate” material. Though this is inexpensive, it only provides minimal support for aging dogs. If your pet has an advanced degree of arthritis or other age-related ailment, cheap “egg crate” dog beds won’t help alleviate their pain. If your dog is fairly young and in decent health with only minimal signs of discomfort, this type of bed may be sufficient. The more expensive dog beds are usually made of memory foam. A few of the main pet bed manufacturers who makes some of these higher quality ortho dog beds include Bowsers dog beds, Carolina Pet Co and K&H pet products. Carolina Pet's ortho sleeper and the Protector Pad Bolster bed with a memory foam insert are both excellent beds for dogs who need that extra support. Most of Bowsers dog beds offer some type of orthopedic support, however, if you're specifically looking for a good memory foam dog beds, you may be interested in their Indoor/Outdoor Contour Lounger. K&H's Deluxe Ortho Bolster and Feather Top Ortho Beds are favorites amongst pet owners whose dogs need a better bed. While we're on the topic of memory foam, there are many types of memory foam on the market, ranging from thin memory foam slabs to thick, hypoallergenic varieties. The thickness you choose will depend on the size of your dog and their overall condition. Dog beds for small pets are typically thinner and less expensive than dog beds for large pets. Orthopedic dog beds, especially ones made of memory foam, tend to be more expensive and the cost increases dramatically with size. If you invest in a high-quality bed, you may only need to buy one during the life of your animal.