As your pet ages, you may need to make special accommodations to keep him or her comfortable. It’s not unusual for older pets, especially dogs to suffer from discomfort in their joints and hind legs. To combat this, pet owners should use a combination of medication and specialized pet furniture to help ease any pain their pet is experiencing. Pet furniture includes things like dog stairs and orthopedic pet beds. Both of these items aim to reduce the impact on the joints during common activities such as sleeping and climbing onto furniture. Older pets aren’t the only ones that benefit from this type of pet furniture. Small dogs that have difficulty reaching couches will benefit from pet stairs due to the reduced risk of falls. Medication or supplements to help ease the effects of aging should be prescribed or recommended by your pets veterinarian. It’s important to seek advice before administering any type of medication to your pet, as some medications may have dangerous interactions with other medications and supplements you use. Carefully combining pet furniture like pet stairs, the right type of dog bedding such as a good quality orthopedic dog bed make from memory foam or other supportive materials and medications like dietary supplements will help your pet live a longer, more comfortable life. It’s important to monitor your pet as they age and watch for signs of pain or discomfort. Often, there are easy solutions that are readily available to help your animal live a better life.