Have you seen the latest additions to the Bowsers dog beds collection? Their newest addition is their Crescent dog bed. Its open front design makes it easy for older pets or those who may have trouble stepping over a high bolster to get in and out their bedding. The Bowsers Crescent is also unique in that you get two different looks in one quality bed simply by flipping the bed inside out. The Crescent is made using Bowsers famously soft, yet durable microvelvet and microtwill fabrics, which repel pet hair, moisture and dirt.

The Reversible Bowsers Crescent in Flax  (Pictured below)

Another relatively new addition, which is now available in new fabrics and prints, is the Urban Lounger dog bed. This high quality orthopedic dog bed is now available in microcord, microvelvet, microtwill and denim fabrics and features a unique one piece design. If you’re unfamiliar with orthopedic dog beds, here a brief rundown on their makeup. Many of these specialty dog beds are designed using high quality, sometimes even medical grade, foam inserts. These orthopedic inserts are what provides our pets with superior support and relieves achy joints and muscles. These work great for your average dog. They're easy to take out when you need to clean the bed, etc. The problem with removable inserts comes in when you have a dog who loves to nest and dig around to get comfortable before settling down to sleep, or one who displays bad habits such as chewing or scratching when nervous or bored. In these cases, you dog may dig out the insert and damage it. To prevent this from occurring, the Bowsers Urban Lounger are designed so that the orthopedic foam insert zips right into the bed. Of course, it can still be removed by you as needed, since you don’t want this foam insert going through the wash when you wash your dog bed, but you can rest at ease that you’re not going to come home from work one day to find the dog bed that you carefully selected and paid good money for torn to shreds or chewed to pieces.

The Urban Lounger -- In Daydream (Pictured below)

In addition to these new beds, many of the our favorite Bowsers dog beds such as the Bowsers Donut, Double Donut and the Dutchie are available in new prints, fabrics and colors, including fun fall colors and peppermint or candy cane red, to compliment our home's holiday decor and help ring in the holiday spirit.

The Urban Lounger in Candy Cane Red (Pictured below)