Have you heard of using diatomaceous earth (food grade) on your dog and its surroundings as a natural solution for eradicating fleas, mites, and even ticks?  Diatomaceous earth is an environmentally friendly and has been used for generations as a natural bug killer. This powder, unlike commercial brands, is non-toxic for you and your dog and can usually be found for sale at your local store. This natural flea killer works does an amazing job fighting flea and other bug infestations in three main zones -- on your dog, inside your home (focusing on your dog's favoriite hang outs -- such as their dog beds, dog crates, and dog houses), and outside areas around your property, lawn and yard.  To treat your dog, apply the diatomaceous earth against the direction of dog’s fur growth. The powder is applied first to your dog's back, and then worked down to his stomach and feet. Avoid rubbing the powder in, as for earth to work as a flea killer, the flea must be affected by the powder directly. Go slowly to avoid the powder billowing and creating a cloud of dust during application