We all know of the many benefits of crate training and the use of a dog crate in providing our pets with a getaway spot, but not everyone wants a dog crate as the centerpiece in your home. That is, unless it’s a beautiful wooden dog crate. Wooden dog crates, especially the ones that double as a piece of furniture, such as the end table dog crate or the nightstand dog crate, can look every bit as classy as the rest of your home furnishings and interior décor. You can find wooden dog crates with a variety of finishes to match your existing furniture, but if you’re looking for a more budget friendly solution, you may want to check out the Merry Products Dog Crate and Wooden Cover, or the Merry dog crate. Besides being easier on the pocket book, Merry dog crates, are also popular because they are made using both a metal dog crate and a beautiful wooden crate cover. The metal crate makes them extra durable and the wooden cover gives them their “furniture” look.