Families with pets know first hand how important it is for your dog to have a place to call his own. Sure, they may love being part of the family, but there comes a time when they need a break and basically need to be off limits from having to perform or entertain. They need a den of their own. That being said, dog crates and other key pet furniture doesn't always fit into a home's decor. There are several solutions to this problem, which we will discuss in this post.

1) Purchase a crate cover. This is often the most cost effective of the options as you can keep your simple, utilitarian wire dog crate, but cover it with a crate cover in your choice of fabric. There are simple dog crate covers made out of plastic or vinyl, such as this Midwest dog crate cover. This type of crate cover will provide your pet with added privacy and keep out drafts and noise, however, they aren't recommended for dog crates that are being used in a very visible or central area of your home, such as your living room.

For these more public areas of your home where you have likely invested a lot of thought and money into the decoration and set up, you should consider a more stylish or decorative crate cover. Bowsers luxury crate covers, for instance, can be ordered in any of their fabulous prints and fabrics. Here is an example of a Bowsers luxury crate cover in its closed position.

2) Invest in a wood dog crate or some other designer dog crate that is made to look like a piece of high end furniture. This option, which a little more expensive, is worth it if you want pet furniture that not only lasts, but which looks modern and blends nicely with your existing furniture. The other benefit to a wood dog crate is that they provide more privacy without the need for a dog crate cover. They naturally have a darker, more den-like feel to them, which dogs need when they are looking for a break.The wooden dog crate in this picture is actually an Amish made entertainment center dog crate, but there are also end table dog crates and other furniture style pet crates on the market.

3) Finally, whether you choose to utilize your wire crate and simply add a crate cover, or opt to upgrade to the more deluxe wooden dog crates, be sure you include a comfy crate mat for your pet to rest on when they are in their crate. It doesn't have to be fancy -- that is unless your pet has special needs and needs an orthopedic dog bed or memory foam dog bed. Dynamic Accents makes a crate mat that is designed to fit perfectly inside their wooden dog crates. If you're thinking to go with the more deluxe Bowsers luxury dog crate covers or other similar style, these can be purchased with a matching crate mat, (seen below) which makes for a cozy, yet decorative dog crate set up which dogs and their human families with love.