Chances are, if you have children in your family, you have considered the possibility of getting a dog. After all, there’s hardly anything sweeter than watching your kids run through the yard with the pooch in tow, or seeing them relax with the dog on their lap after a long day at school. Besides the joys and fun of having a pet in your household, adopting a pet brings other benefits as well. One of the main ones is that it is a great way to teach kids about taking responsibility. Dogs also boost your kids confidence by being a loyal friend who is always happy to see them, and is always there to be a listening ear whenever needed or the kids have had a bad day. To help your kids feel a part of bringing this new member into your family, try, as much as possible, to include them in as many of the adoption related decisions. Start by asking them to help select the puppy and what name should be bestowed on the lucky hound. Then, follow it up by including them in on shopping for supplies and having them pick a great Bowsers dog bed or Caroline Pet Co dog couch for the new pup. Get the kids involved in the dog’s training from the start, explaining why it’s so important to be consistent in training the puppy. Older kids can take on the responsibility of walking and exercising the dog, giving both the dog and the child an opportunity to get fresh air, sunshine and exercise. By teaching your kids how important and how easy it is to care for and train their dogs, you are setting the stage for life long good habits and ensuring good care for this pet and their future pets. Not only does this mean your child will enjoy a life time of well trained pets, but you are also doing your part to ensure that a few less pets wind up in the pound or shelters due to poor training or problem behavior.