There are many types of dog beds on the market and some of the high end or designer dog beds can get to be quite expensive. With all of the money you spent on your pets luxury bed, it’s probably important to you to keep it looking like new. Luckily, there are a few tips you can use to keep that pet bed looking great.

First, before you purchase a bed, make sure it has a removable cover. Many of the Bowsers dog beds, Caroline Pet Co. beds and other high end brands include this very important feature. A removable cover allows you to wash the bed without messing up the stuffing inside.

If you have an older pet that’s starting to lose control of his bowels, you’ll want to give the dog bed some added protection against accidents. When you first get the pet bed home, take the cover off of it and encase the inner padding in a waterproof mattress pad protector. You may need to alter one with a sewing machine to make it fit. Buy the smallest one you can and work from there. The kind that completely encase the mattress are the best for this application. Crib size protectors work great on dog beds.Next, you’ll want to apply a fabric protectant to the pet bed cover if it doesn’t come with one already applied. Scotch Guard is a popular brand, though you can use whatever you like. This will help the fabric repel any fluids your pet excretes. After the mattress and cover are protected, you can put the bed back together and put it on the floor for your pet to use.All you have to worry about from this point out is routine maintenance and cleaning if the bed becomes soiled.

Normal routine care of your pet bed is simple. If you have orthopedic dog beds or memory foam dog beds, you’ll want to flip the mattress regularly. Plan to flip it whenever you flip your own mattress to ensure even wearing and to reduce sagging. When you flip the mattress. take a moment to sprinkle it with baking soda. Allow the baking soda to sit undisturbed for about an hour, then vacuum it up. You can sprinkle the mattress while the cover is in the washer and by the time it is dry, it will be time to vacuum the baking soda.

Most dog bed covers can be machine washed and dried, however, it's very important to read the tags for care instructions. If it doubt, always wash with cold water on delicate wash and dry cycles. Never use hot water to wash dog bed covers. If the cover can be machine washed, use a small amount of vinegar as a laundry aid to help get out any residual stains or odors.  Never use bleach on your pet bed’s cover as this can dull colors and reduce the life span of the cover. You should plan to wash the cover at least monthly, though many owners choose to wash it more frequently.

Another common mistake is for the pet owner to wash the entire bed in the machine. While most dog beds have zippered covers which can be removed and washed, the foam or fill of a bed should generally never be washed in a washing machine. The fill will bunch up and be difficult to dry and the foam can fall apart. Likewise, the bolster of a bed should not be put through the machine or you can risk damaging the shape of the bolster. Both the fill and the bolster can be hand washed with warm soapy water and being put out to dry. Some thinner types of dog pillows and beds, with quilted tufting that prevents the fill from bunching up, can be machine washed in their entirety, however, it is rare that all parts of a dog bed, especially a higher end or designer dog bed can handle being machine washed.

With regular washings and periodic maintenance, your high end dog bed will stay looking like new for years to come.

Now, for some examples:

This Bowsers Home and Travel Bolster dog bed has a removable cover, a bolster and a 2" orthopedic foam pad. The microvelvet cover can be machine washed, however, you will need to remove the bolster and foam and hand wash these (if needed) separately.

Bowsers Home and Travel Dog Bed


This CPC Proctector Pad Ortho dog bed has a built in protector pad which protects the orthopedic pad from moisture. Again, the zippered cover is machine washable, however, the orthopedic pad should only be hand washed.

 CPC Protector Pad Ortho Dog Bed

This Double Donut Bowsers dog bed has a washable cover, but the fill and bolster should be removed prior to washing. The bolster and fillcan be hand washed separately. Of course, just like with your own pillows, the less you have to wash the fill the better. It's much to protect the fill, if necessary, than having to wash frequently.