An indoor dog house is an excellent way to give your dog his own space without having to keep him outdoors. These versatile dog houses come in a variety of styles, but some of the most common are cloth or fabric dog houses, wooden end table dog houses, and loft style dog houses.

Fabric Dog Houses:

Fabric or soft sided dog houses are just that: they're constructed using cloth of fabric material with a plastic roof (to give it stability) and mostly function as a very cute and draft-free, contained dog bed. These indoor dog houses take seconds to set up and are often foldable making them easy to pack up and take with you, giving your dog a home away from home. Fabric dog houses are available in a variety of trendy colors, materials and fabrics. They have built in mesh windows and doors with flaps so you can give you dog extra privacy when needed.

Fabric or soft dog houses are not the house for you if your dog tends to be destructive or loves to chew or dig.

Wooden Dog Houses:

Wooden dog houses are amongst the most popular type of indoor dog houses. These wooden dog houses have a variety of wood and finishes to choose from enabling you to find one that will compliment your existing home furnishings and interior décor.  These dog houses can also double as a nightstand or an attractive end table blending in nicely with your other furniture.

Loft Dog Houses:

Loft dog houses often have an attachable porch in the front or on the top for when your dog wants to have a little variety or wants to keep an eye on what is going on around him. Some of these dog houses include adjustable ramps or decks and other fun features making them more exciting and keeping your dog entertained and occupied.

Please note that most wooden dog houses come with all the parts and pieces, but do require some assembly. Most manufacturers include detailed instructions, however, if you need how to’s,  you can often find youtube videos or manufacturers videos to give you extra tips and direction.