House breaking your dog can be relatively simple. The most important thing to remember is that repetition and consistency are the key. To start off, house breaking will made easiest if you use dog crates. Any dog crate will do the job, provided it is big enough to where they won't bump their head when they stand up, and wide/long enough to allow the dog to turn around easily. Feeding your dog in their crate, and giving them treats when they go into it, will make them feel like it’s their personal “den” and will result in them enjoying spending time in it. Dogs naturally like to keep their personal den, dog houses, dog bedding and so onclean and smelling nice, so you have that going for you if you use their dog crate as a training tool.

Next, keeping your dog inside the crate when he or she is not being overseen will prevent them from forming bad habits. If you see the dog start to pee on the carpet, you can quickly rush them outside, but if you aren't there, peeing on the carpet will have no consequence and it will quickly become a habit for them.

So, every morning, the first thing you should do is remove your dog from her crate and take her directly outside. In fact, every time a dog is let out of their dog crates, they should be taken outside to go pee. The dog will come to associate being released from the crate to the outdoors as potty time. By reinforcing this behavior, your pet will eventually learn that outdoors is the only place to do your business.

It’s important to always praise your dog when they do their business outside. If they slip up and have an accident indoors, punishment won’t help. Simply take the dog outside immediately and see if they need to go again and then put them away.