With the frigid days of winter upon us, it’s important to make sure you have proper dog bedding for your beloved pets sleeping area. Whether it be a dog house, crate, or somewhere else, it’s important to keep your dog warm during the winter to ensure he or she stays healthy and happy in the winter so they can enjoy the warm days of spring that are right around the corner. So you’ll want your dogs sleeping area to be properly insulated and ventilated to make for a comfortable sleeping environment. Dog throws are a great way to keep your dog warm and healthy throughout the winter. They provide great comfort and warmth to any type of dog, regardless of size. Adding dog throws to your dog bedding will go a long way in keeping your dog happy. Having a dog house that keeps cold drafts from coming in is important. So any combination of heated dog bedding and dog throws will keep your dog warm throughout the night, when the temperatures are lowest. It’s important to remember that winters are very cold. We sometimes forget that because our houses are so cozy. All you have to do is imagine yourself sleeping outside in those conditions. You wouldn’t enjoy that, not one bit, so if you simply add dog throws to your dog bedding it will help you keep your dog warm and happy this winter, no doubt about it!