Are you shopping around for a new puppy? If so, I recommend you check out a Goldendoodle dog by visiting a local breeder.  Goldendoodles are hybrids or designer dogs, a mix between golden a standard or toy poodle and golden retrievers.  Goldendoodles can range in size from small/medium to extra large to medium/small depending on if their poodle parent was a toy or standard and how large their golden retriever parent was.  Their color can vary from white to red or brown.  These dogs’ coats generally darken somewhat as they age.  Goldendoodles possess the best traits of both breeds and are smart, energetic, playful and very trainable. They are becoming a popular choice as service dogs because of their good temperament, curiousity and love of learning. Other popular traits of a Goldendoodle dog is their non-shedding coat and the fact that they are hypo-allergenic, making them the ideal dog for individuals with pet allergies.  A Goldendoodles with long hair can resemble a loveable “shaggy dog”, or they can be trimmed and groomed. Either way, these dogs are beautiful.   If you choose to add a golden doodle puppy to your household, invest a little time and provide them with basic obedience training. These dogs love to learn and with a little training, you already wonderful pet will become a dog to show off. Goldendoodles are very social and love to please. They love  to be by your side as much as possible.  At home, spoil them by always keeping them  close by.  Keep their dog bedding or dog crates in your room, or next to your desk or beside your sofa and give that pooch the attention he craves and deserves. Enjoy!