Finding ways to squeeze in your essential dog furnishing can be a challenge if you live in tight quarters, such as a town home or apartment.   Dogs need the comfort and security of their own space such as dog houses, dog crates and their own dog bed,  but you need solutions that enable you to fit this gear into your home without it clashing with your home décor.  Fortunately, new styles of dog furnishings are emerging that double as furniture or that look like an extension of your home’s furnishings. For instance, nightstands and benches with built in dog housing are perfect for a smaller or medium breed of dog.  Dog crates are getting more stylish due to their increasing popularity and now include beautiful wooden dog crates that blend beautifully with your living room furniture.  Some styles of dog beds and crate mats can be placed directly inside your dog’s crates or housing keeping them hidden away.  Some points to consider when shopping for indoor dog furnishing include the following:  is the dog crate or house lightweight and easy to move ?   Is the flooring and/or roofing removable or in some way easy to keep clean and smelling nice?