When crate training your dog, you may find him reluctant at first to enter his crate. Fear not, for this behavior is completely normal and can easily be overcome. There are some simple tricks and tips you can use to help coax even the most reluctant dog into his crate without resorting to traumatic tactics. First, you need to make sure that the crate is inviting. Try putting your dog’s bed in it. If the bed is too large or too small to fit in the space, it’s a good sign that the crate is not the right size. You can try getting an adjustable wire or wooden dog crate if you're not sure what size you need. Once you have the crate dressed up with a soft blanket or your dog’s bed, you can try coaxing him into the space by simply leaving it out and open in an area of your home that the dog feels comfortable. Try putting the crate in the living room or bedroom while you’re there so that the dog can see there’s nothing to be afraid of. Pet owners who want to try this method, but who do not want their pet crate to interfere with their overall look and decor can a wood dog crate end table, which are essentially crates disguised as furniture and are great for people who want to keep the crate out in the open. This will allow you to have your pet in his crate while you are close by and where he or she can see you and feel more secure. If all else fails, try using gentle praise and a delicious dog treat to help your four-legged friend decided to venture into his crate. A nice a soft bed and a delicious bone or their favorite treat inside will be hard for your animal to resist. Pick your dog's favorite treat as the lure and be sure to praise your pup when he finally ventures into the crate. With a little bit of creativity and a lot of persistence, you’ll be able to persuade your dog to go into his crate without much of a fight at all. This entertainment center wood dog crate is the perfect way to get your pet used to the idea of dog crating with you close at hand resting and relaxing in your living room.