Dog crate beds come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. The material the bed is made of plays a large role in the function of the bed. Some pets require a firm support, while others need the cushioned luxury of memory foam. Whatever your pet's individual needs are, there is a crate bed to meet his demands. Knowing about the different types of foam used in crate beds and mats can help you make the right decision for your pet.

Convoluted Foam

One of the most popular types of dog beds for crates are the convoluted foam varieties. Convoluted foam is similar to what is used in inexpensive mattress toppers known as egg crates. It has the advantage of being lightweight, inexpensive and durable. Convoluted foam is suitable for dogs that are relatively healthy and require little more than a comfortable place to rest. You can generally find convoluted foam dog beds at any pet store or mass merchandiser that offers pet supplies.

Upholstery Grade

Upholstery grade foam is a thicker, more durable variety of convoluted foam. It can be shaped into a collection of peaks and valleys, or cut flat depending on the bed. Upholstery grade foam is more costly than convoluted foam, so it is not often used in pet beds or crate mats.

Bowsers Luxury Crate Mat

(Bowsers Luxury Crate Mats, pictured here in Green Apple, are made using furniture grade foam).

Memory Foam

For older dogs, memory foam may be a better choice. Memory foam pet beds are often labeled as orthopedic because the variable support of the foam is ideal for aging joints. Dogs that experience stiffness or soreness in their knees or hips should use memory foam crate beds or crate mats to help ease pain and reduce swelling.

Dual Density Foam

Dual density foam is made of two types of foam. It can be any combination of foams, but typically the lower density foam is on the bottom layer and the higher density foam is on the top layer. The bottom layer is the thickest, as its job is to provide the support and base of the bed. Popular combinations include convoluted foam bases topped with a thin layer of memory foam. Outfitting your dog’s crate with a foam mat is a great start to creating a safe and inviting place for him to rest. They can be used in conjunction with dog crate covers and other accessories to make a special place for your dog to rest his head.

When considering a foam bed or mat for your dog's crate, look for a design with a removable cover, as this allows for the easiest removal and washing of the product. Foam dog crate beds and crate mats are economical and comfortable. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs and are widely available. If your dog is in need of a new bed, take into consideration the types of foam available and make the best choice for your pet.