We all dream of having the perfect exercise companion who would always be on call and wouldn’t let you off the hook too easily if you tried to skip your daily walk or run. Guess what? If you own a dog,  you have got that perfect companion right in your own home. He may be sleeping on his dog pillows and beds or resting in his dog crate, but pull out the leash and see him come to life. Once they get in the habit of exercising with you, they will be reminding you that it’s time to put on your running shoes and get out the door. Some dogs may need a little time to build up to a longer jog or run, but once they get the hang of it, they will be setting the pace and encouraging you to keep that heart rate pumping. Smaller dogs or very large dogs do best if you are a walker and may not be able to keep up with running or jogging, but medium or large breeds of dogs typically do very well once they build up their stamina. If you are exercising with your dog in the heat, remember that they need adequate water. Bring along a portable water bottle or container for your dog, or plan your route so that there is water available along the way. While some dogs may be trained to heel and your can depend on them to stay by your side without a leash or harness, for most dogs it is recommended that you keep them on a leash to avoid a split second dash across the street chasing a squirrel, cat or another dog.