The new puppy’s going to be arriving any day and you are down to the wire needing to figure out what you need for the big day. Sure, there are is a world of dog gear, supplies, toys – everything a pup could need or want, but what are the essentials you are going to want to have on hand to make sure the transition goes smoothly when the little guy or gal arrives? Before you start the shopping process, you will want to decide what your plans are for the new pup. Do you plan on toting the pooch along with you wherever you go, or will he be primarily at home in his dog crate during the day? If a dog will be traveling with you, essential gear you should consider are, a portable dog bed, a dog crate that fits nicely in your car, a car seat cover, a harness and possibly a booster seat or dog seat belt to keep your dog safe in transit. If you plan to leave your dog at home primarily, you may prefer dog gear that fits more into the pet furniture category, such as wooden dog crates, a sturdy pet gate and a dog crate mat or bed that fits inside your dog crate to minimize clutter around your home. These items are designed to blend in with your home furnishings and add to your overall home decor instead of distracting from it. For instance, some wooden dog crates are designed to double as end tables or night stands. A wooden pet gate, especially if it matches your home, can look like it came with the house. And then a crate mat dog bed provides your dog a place up off the cold, hard flood, but is easily concealed within the wooden dog crate.