Chances are you have probably heard about eco-friendly dog beds. Although they used to be a lot harder to come by, you can now find really incredible green dog beds from most major manufacturers of pet beds. What’s harder to come by is an eco-friendly dog crate. That’s what makes New Age Pet’s Habitat’N Crate Table so special. Not only do these dog crates look like a classy, Mission style wood dog crate or end table dog crate, but they are actually made out of Eco-Flex or EcoConcepts™ materials.


The New Age Habitat'N Crate End Table dog crate

The reason ecoFLEX is classed as an environmentally friendly material is because it is made by grinding up clean, recycled polymers and leftover wood byproducts from hardwood furniture makers –all materials which would otherwise be discarded as trash or burned in a landfill. The ground material is then mixed with UV inhibitors and color blending compounds before it is molded into parts for ecoConcepts dog crates, pet beds and other everyday pet gear.

Because of its unique make up, Eco-Flex material possesses the best qualities of both wood and plastic while minimizing the downsides to both of these materials. For instance, wood expands and contracts when it’s cold or hot. This contracting and expanding eventually leads to splintering, cracking, warping, gapping and, in climates which are very humid, mildew can start to form on the wood. Eco-Flex does not contract and expand with the weather. The poly resin makes this crate moisture proof, weather resistant, free from critters and bugs and very easy to wipe down and clean whenever necessary using warm soapy water. It doesn’t retain smells. If scratched, because the color blending compounds are mixed in thoroughly and not just surface deep, the scratches won’t reveal another color underneath.So, if properly cared for, your eco-friendly dog crate may outlast its traditional wooden counterparts and keep its good looks for years to come.

If you decide to get a Habitat’N Crate, these can either be used on their own or they can be paired with one or both of the other pieces of the InnPlace Collection, which include the Buddie Bunk Bed with its EcoConcepts frame and 2” thick cushion, and the Raised Double Diner. All of these products are made out of the same eco-friendly materials and the same color scheme, so you have a matching set.

The New Age Buddie Bunk Bed

While we’re on the subject of color schemes, espresso and chestnut are the primary colors in the InnPlace Collection as these colors are neutral and one or the other tend to match well with just about any other furniture. However, if there is a specific color you want to get a closer match to existing furniture, or you want to make these pieces of pet furniture into accent pieces, etc., both the Habitat crate and Buddie Bunk can be painted very easily.

Of course, no product is perfect. There are several reasons why you may not want to go with a dog house, crate or pet bed made from Eco-Flex or EcoConcepts materials. The first is, while durable, they are not indestructible. If you have a puppy or a dog who is very active who likes to chew or who is continually try to push their way out -- they may succeed. Of course, this would happen with any wood dog crate. What you want for a dog or puppy who chews, digs or is rough on their crate is a chew proof wood dog crate. The chew proof design usually consists of a combination of metal and wood either by having the crate itself be a wire dog crate with a wooden cover, or the wooden dog crate has built in wire grates on its siding and door. The metal components prevent your dog from trying to chew his way out or just chewing it up out of boredom.

Another reason a New Age Pet eco-friendly product may not be for you is if you just love the look, feel and smell of real wood. The reason for this is that while New Age eco-friendly products may look like real wood, they don’t have the traditional “wood” feel to them as the poly resin gives it more of a plastic feel. So if you are set on real wood, an Eco-Concepts product may not be right for you and you may want to go for a real wood dog crate, such as those offered by Pinnacle Woodcraft or Dynamic Accents.

Pinnacle Chew Proof Dog Crate

The important thing is that your dog has a place to call his own and to get away to when he or she are tired and need a little privacy or time to de-stress and unwind and you have a piece of dog furniture which doesn't take away from your overall interior decor, but rather enhances it.