Are you looking for cozy dog bedding for your favorite hound?  Here are a few tips on choosing a style that suits your dog’s sleeping positions and preferences.  Although there are many styles on the market, donut dog beds, or nesting beds, which are rounded or oval shaped beds with an outer rim or bolster, are a popular choice for pet owners with dogs who like to sleep in the curled up position.  Young dogs and puppies who have recently been separated from their mother and littermates often do very well in this style of bed.   The donut dog bed gives them the feeling of being nestled or enveloped in a cozy environment, similar to that of sleeping with their mom or littermates. As dogs grow, although dogs sleep in various position, many show a preference for the curled up position.  One of the main reasons for this is that curling up keeps their bodies at a comfortable temperature and provides warmth, By providing these curled up sleepers with donut or nesting style dog pillows and beds, you are also providing them with a feeling of security as they rest.  Getting the right size dog bed is very important as you don’t want a bed which is too large to where it’s no longer a “nest,” or one that is too small leaving the dog to hang off of it.  One way to find correct size is to draw a chalk outline of your sleeping dog, or to measure your pet from neck to tail.  Once you have your dog’s basic measurements, add on 5 inches all around to find the correct dog bed size.  If you’re not sure if the bed is big enough, go with the larger size.  It’s better to have a bed that’s a little too big than one which is too small.