Just because most cats and dogs fight like, well, cats and dogs, doesn’t mean they can’t learn to co-exist peacefully with a little patience and gentle socialization. Of course, the very easiest is to introduce kitty to puppy when they both young and easygoing and will cheerfully share their dog bedding or kitty cave with one another.  If that isn’t possible, however, don’t despair. You can still introduce cat to dog at any age and if you handle it properly, in most cases, they can learn that diversity is a good thing.  To start off, be sure that any interaction is always in your presence. Never leave them in a room to “figure it out” for themselves. They need you to help them out. Make sure the cat is at the dog’s eye level and keep a firm grip on both animals so they know you are in control and they are safe. If either animal is just too frightened or panicked, don’t push it. Give them a break, but don’t give up. Keep your socialization sessions short, but do keep it up. In between times, keep your dog in his dog crate, out in the yard or in an enclosed area to prevent accidental meetings. Given a little time, they should start to lose their fear of each and get used to the new member of the family. Occasionally, some animal’s personalities just won’t jive and in those cases, even after long periods of socialization, you will find that something needs to give in your pet situation, but for the most part, just take it slow and remain relaxed and you will eventually see progress. You may never come home to that idyllic kitty and pup snuggling together in the dog bedding scene, but they should learn to respect each other.