Bowsers Luxury Crate Cover in Tickled Pink

If your dog barks a lot when in its crate, you may benefit from the use of a dog crate cover. Dogs are den dwelling creatures and enjoy den-like enclosures. In the wild a den is a small, private enclosure usually in the ground that separates its tenant from the world around it. A den offers safety from predators, shelter from the elements, a safe environment to relax and rest in and a place to safely raise young. A dog crate can offer your dog many of these same benefits a den offers such as security, a personal, private space where your dog can retreat to and relax when stressed. Dog crates that feature solid walls can offer this den-like environment, however, when using wire dog crates, which are popular for keeping dogs out of trouble, your dog may miss out of this benefit due to the open feel of the wire crate. Take that same wire dog crate and place a dog crate cover over it and you've created a private place for your dog. When your dog's crate is dark, your dog is not being bombarded with visual stimuli that makes your dog want to get out and play and be part of the action going on in your house. The best dog crates are the ones that offer privacy for your dog where they can shutout the world around them and relax. If you have a dog that tends to bark a lot when in its wire dog crate, try placing a blanket over the crate and see what happens. Make sure that you allow for ventilation. Chances are you will find that your dog will calm down within a short amount of time. If placing a blanket over your dog crate works in calming your dog down, you don't have to be stuck using an unsightly blanket. Their are many stylish crate covers that can give your dog the privacy, but which enhance the look of your dog's wire crate while complementing your home's furnishings. There are some crate covers such as Bowsers luxury crate covers that have matching crate mattresses that can give your crate a stylish makeover.

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