Are you an animal lover looking for ways to help dogs this winter? If you have a gently used dog house, dog crate, carrier or other pet supplies, you can try donating these to a local animal shelter or a local pet charity that focuses on bettering the lives of our pets. Gently used and new dog supplies donated to these charities and shelters are typically donated to low income families or individuals with dogs or to animal shelters in need of supplies. Especially in cooler weather, a shelter and a place for a dog to be protected from the elements is very important. If no shelter is provided, you will often find dogs trying to shelter in boxes, under houses or somewhere that will keep them as warm and dry as possible. So, if you have a dog house or dog crate that your dog no longer uses and are looking for a way to dogs this winter that goes beyond financial contribution, do an internet search and find a shelter or dog charity that accepts contributions of this type. Not only are you giving a dog a home of their home, but you can get a tax deduction while you’re at it. Some points to remember are, it’s not advisable to donate used dog bedding or dog beds as these are more difficult to clean and can carry diseases. The simpler the dog house or dog crate, the better as these are easier to move, set up and transport.